Croushore's Championship
Demolition Derbies
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June 29th    Farmington
2017 Contestant Requirements and Groud Rules:

These rules have been developed as a result of many years of experience and many hours of discussion with fans, drivers and officials. Any driver with any eligible car has a fair chance to be a winner. The rules that follow promote safety and insure fairness. We are always open to suggestions that may improve our show. (We reserve the right to make changes to these rules without notice or at any given time.)  

1. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older. Younger contestants must hold a senior driver’s license and have a notarized minor’s release signed by parents or guardian and attend driver’s meeting.
2. Each driver must fill out and application form before entering events.
3. Pit and driver passes will be issued only after signing “Release from Liability” form.
4. Unsportsmanlike-like behavior will not be tolerated (by you and your fans)
5. POSITIVELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR DRUGS WILL BE PERMITTED ON THE GROUNDS!! (All vehicles entering the pit area will be checked!)
6. The Promoter reserves the right to approve or reject any applicant. All rules and regulations are to be abided by all drivers and pit crew.
7. Drivers must attend driver’s meeting prior to competing in event (Mandatory).
8. If a driver gets caught cheating during or in between events, he/she will be disqualified and will not receive any prizes or trophies. Driver will also be ineligible to participate in any of our events for the remainder of the season.
9. Driver must register before car is inspected. If the officials determine the car has too many issues and fails inspection, driver will not participate and there will be no refund!
10. To protest a car, a one hundred dollar ($100) fee is required. Protester must be a driver in the same class. Only a feature driver may protest in the feature event. If protest is valid, protester receives $100 back. If the protest is non-valid, promoter receives fifty dollars ($50) and driver of the protested car receives fifty dollars ($50). Protest must be made within 5 min after event (heat) is over.
11. Driver will use the same car he/she qualified in a heat in the feature event. (Except the Grand Finale.)
12. Thirty (30) second time limit to restart and make contact with a “live” car.
13. Security guards on duty with arresting power.
15. Cars must be inspected one (1) hour before event. (Don’t expect to run if you are late!)
16. All cars must be clean for inspection. No caked-on mud on sides and especially under the car.
17. No duct tape on doors or springs.
18. Do not paint or undercoat inside or under the car.
19. Use of foam is not allowed.
20. Repair work is out of control!! Rusted cars may be patched (patches must be tin) stitch weld patches One (1) inch on, One (1) inch off. Patch one side only (you must prove your rust!) On re-run cars, fixes must be stitch welded only (allowed at the discretion of the officials) Stitch weld split seams one (1) inch every six (6) inch on re-runs only, do not add metal.
21. No fighting, no cursing or displaying of obscene gestures! Anyone caught will be prosecuted and banned from future event!
22. Must have a roof sign! (Mandatory) Paint car number on roof, as well as on both doors.
23. Driver’s door may be welded solid. No use of Fusor allowed anywhere.
24. Cars may be welded using 3" welds every 3" or 6" welds every 6" on passenger doors, trunks and station wagon tailgates (in lieu of outside welds, station wagon tailgates may have a 3"x3"x1/4" angle 3" long welded on inside every 3"on the bottom only) but not both. You MAY NOT weld both inside and outside. Or cars may be wired, banded, bolted and chained in the same way. Driver’s door may be welded solid if desired. Banding every 6" on passenger doors and trunks. Bands no larger than 1-1/4" wide. Chains must be at least 1/4". No welding or bolting to frame and bumpers. No body seams may be welded! No wires from body to roof includes windows.
25. A steel pipe or square tubing (maximum 4”) may be mounted securely from doorpost to doorpost behind driver seat. Do not attach bar or pipe to floor. A similar pipe or square tubing may be mounted across dash area and a passenger bar is permitted.
26. Only stock wheels can be used. Valve stem protectors will be allowed. All wheel weights must be removed.
27. Any tire 16" Max. No LIQUID MATERIALS IN TIRES. Water, foam, cement etc is not permitted. No soild tires. Air only!!! Tubes Allowed!!
28. No special bracing or reinforcing of suspension or body. Front control arms may be welded to attain 22” bumper height. Body mounts may not be relocated. No over sizing or washering of original bolt or mount. Body mounts to 1/2" max with 1 (one) 3"x1/4" Plate. Strictly enforced! Plate or washers may NOT be welded or Bolted to frame. There will be no welding of seams Maximum of 2" overlaps on front frame, repair at jack point allowed on reruns if it had to be replaced. Weld repairs for reruns in front of control arm must be butt-welded. (No Exceptions). No re-welding of frame seams.
29. Suspension shocks must be stock, working shocks, mounted in original locations. No homemade shocks no welding of eyes. No circle track shocks or off road shocks.
30. Fender wells may be cut out. Inner and outer panels may be bolted, not welded, using 5, 3/8’s bolts per wheel well.
31. Vehicles must have hood in place. Hoods must be open for inspection. Six (6) 1/2" bolts or 4 (four 3/4 bolts max with no larger than a 3"x1/4" washer to hold hood down. Min. 8"hole (with excess sheet metal removed from hole) MUST be cut in hood to enable firemen to put out fires without lifting hood. Make sure cooling fans are covered. Strap or wire from roof to cowl is mandatory for driver’s safety.
32. Bumpers ends maybe cut. Bumpers may not stick way out past the original fender location for safety purposes. Welded bumper seams allowed. Loaded bumpers allowed ON FRONT ONLY!!! (DEC bumpers allowed) Bumper may be hardnosed. Relocating of bumper shocks is not permitted. Front and rear bumper height to be 22" Max (fresh car). To bottom of bumper, checked in three places. RERUNS: BUMPER HEIGHT MAX OF 24" Strictly Enforced! CHECKED IN THREE PLACES.    CUSTOM BUMPERS MAY NOT HAVE POINTS ON THEM. MUST BE FLAT. IF YOU WANT A “V” STYLE BUMBER…IT MUST BE A STOCK OEM BUMPER. EXAMPLE, THE CHRYSLER NEW YORKER BUMPER. (STRICTLY ENFORCED).
33. Battery may be left in original position, but not recommended! If battery is moved, it must be moved to the passenger side of the floor. Battery must be secured in some type of battery box of some other type of battery “hold down” securely bolted to the floor. No seat belts, bungee cords or wires for battery “hold down”. Battery must be covered. Only one 12 or 14 volt battery permitted. (Do not mount inside of seat.).
34. Gas Tanks: No plastic tanks. Steel tanks must be bolted to the floor behind driver. Original fuel tank from car is not permitted. Army-like or steel boat tank may be used. No more than five (5) gallons of gas allowed per heat. Tank must be covered to prevent possible splashing. gas tank protectors are allowed. Only a free floating protector 24'' long may be built from off the seat bar. Gas Tank Protector may not touch the floor in any way shape or form. (compact cars and the minivan/suv class may leave fuel tank under car if located in front of the rear axle.)
35. Radiator: May not be relocated. May be banded to core support.
36. Air Cleaners: Mandatory.
37. Transmission Coolers. May be installed inside the vehicle but not recommended! Steel braided line! Must be covered! Only professional like installations will be accepted at the officials decision. Strictly Enforced!
38. Coil springs may be welded, wired, banded, bolted or chained (bottom only) to rear end! No coils inside of coils. Spacers will be allowed in coil springs to max. 22"bumper height.
39. Brakes: Must work.
40. Skid plates may be welded on oil pan and transmission pan (separately), no more than 1" wider than the part.
42. After second fire in same auto, in same event, the car will be disqualified. This also applies to rollovers!
43. No deliberate hitting of drivers' door. Do not use driver’s door as a shield.
44. NO TEAMWORK! Strictly Enforced!
45. Leaf springs: All cars with leaf may have 9 springs on each side including the main springs may be 5/16" thick max. (If a 5/16 wrench WILL NOT fit over spring YOU WILL NOT RUN) (2) Two - 3/4 " wide and must have min. of 1" stair step starting from the eyebolt. All springs must be mounted under the main axle tube. Springs may be homemade clamped, 2 behind axle and one in front per side. Homemade leaf springs not permitted.
46. Rear ends: 1 ton and 3/4 ton truck rears allowed. Welded gears (posi traction) allowed.
47. Fire Extinguisher: Must be securely mounted inside your car and fully charged.
48. Air bags: Remove/deflate.
49. Fire Suit: We highly recommend a fire suit. We require long pants and long-sleeved shirts Manditory!
50. Remove: All glass, original fuel tank, lights, all chrome, door handles, mirrors, sun visors, carpeting, wipers, antennas, seats (except driver’s seat) and all loose items.
51. Torsion Bars may be adjusted to attain desired bumper height.
52. No smash top wagon’s, smash back sedans.
53. Wedging of the rear trunk area allowed.
Trunk: two 8” holes minimum must be cut for inspection. Maximum of six 3/8 "bolts allowed around holes
54. Core support may be wired to bumper. 9 wire may be used in 2 places only 2 loops of wire is permitted.
55. Roll over bar (Halo) may be installed can we welded only to the bar behind your seat and nothing else. For roll over purposes only, not reinforcement! Halo may not touch the floor or go through the roof.
56. Rear window bar - one 2 inch pipe or 2x2 square tubing may be used from roof down to the speaker deck. May not be connected to halo. Bar/weld must not touch the truck! Strictly Enforced.
57. Front windshield bar - one 2 inch pipe or 2x2 square tubing may be used from roof down to the speaker deck. If you remove the speaker deck, the rear window bar may be welded/bolted to the floor for safety measures and it must be straight up and down not extending back in the trunk area. MAY NOT TOUCH/CONNECT TO THE HALO/ROLLOVER BAR. Bar/weld must not touch the trunk!  STRICTLY ENFORCED!
58. If you have or had back or neck injuries, please use good common sense and DO NOT participate.
59. Hump Plates are allowed (full-size class only) A ¼ (quarter) inch thick plate, 6 inches wide, 24 inches long may be welded to the hump area of the rear frame over top the rear axle. Plate must be over top the rear end. No Channel, Angle, I beam…Must be flat stock plate. LEAF SPRING CARS may also have hump plates but ONLY 12 INCHES LONG. Strictly Enforced/Measured.

(If you don't see it in the rules, it does not mean you can do it!) for any questions or please contact Nelson at 724.812.1988   
2017 Compacts & Mini-Vans/Suv’s
1. Same rules apply for Compacts & Mini-Vans/suv's unless specified below.
2. Compacts - Front wheel drive cars of any wheelbase. (Except 1985 and older Eldorado, Toronado, and Riviera or any FWD full frame vehicle.) Rear wheel drive cars (106" wheelbase or smaller)
3. SUV’S – SUV’s include, S-10/jimmy pickup’s and mid-size SUV’s. No full size SUV’S/ Trucks. For any questions about make or model permitted to run, Call Gordon at 724-984-6354.
4. If you move the tank inside the car, it must be mounted securely behind the driver’s seat. Any hose connection must be done in braided steel line or fuel injection hose clearly marked. All fittings must be double clamped. These rules are for driver’s safety as fuel injection systems are pressurized and can bust regular rubber fuel line. Tank must be bolted to floor.
5. Must have kill switch for electric fuel pump.
6. Leaf springs: Maximum 5 leafs per side. Shock may be solid. If using all thread, ¾ inch Max.
7. Bumpers ends maybe cut. Welded bumper seams allowed. Must be a car bumper. (DEC bumpers allowed) Bumper may be hardnosed. Relocating of bumper shocks is not permitted. Front and rear bumper height to be 22" Max. To bottom of bumper, checked in three places. RERUNS: BUMPER HEIGHT MAX OF 24" Strictly Enforced! CHECKED IN THREE PLACES.
8. If original fuel tank is in front in rear axle, it may be left there
9. Home made trailing arms in the rear are allowed.
10. 2 inch pipe or 2x2 inch square tubing may be used in the uni-body (front only) for a bumper shock. any length permitted. This does not apply to vehicles that do not have a uni-body.

2017 Riding Lawnmower Derby
1. Any riding lawnmower allowed except for those rear engine types like Snappers and Commercial Type garden tractor
2. Decks must be removed.
3. Exhaust stack must be straight up. No dangerous angle cuts allowed. Officials must approve exhaust.
4. You must weld bars on the side of the mower for leg protection. If Officials believe it is not safe, it will not run.
5. If your gas tank or battery is in front of the motor you must move it to a safe place.
6. You may rig up a hand throttle to run the motor wide open.
7. You must bolt or wire your hood down tight!
8. You may weld or bolt onto your motor a spark-plug protector.
9. You may weld on a front and rear bumper that is to be no taller than 15 inches and may only be as wide as the front tires. Strictly Enforced!
10. No excessively thick bumpers, use your good judgment guys.
11. Nothing may protect the tires in any way. Strictly Enforced!
12. No frame reinforcement is allowed except for what is needed to mount the bumpers and cages.
13. You may change pulleys for your desired gearing.
14. Chains are allowed on your rear tires.
15. You must hit with the front of the mower during the derby. You must make a hit every 30 seconds.
16. No hitting the leg area of the mowers.
17. Hits are to be made to fronts and tires of the other mowers.
18. Helmets required. Rear Hits may be made using safe smart judgment.
19. NO home-made mowers.
20. 18 hp limit.
21. If driver rolls over or any part of their body touches the track, they are disqualified.